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[Double Picture Vinyl + Collectors Box]

OUT NOW R$ 150,00


(BR085/EAN 8016670170242)

1983 Apoptygma Berzerk released their legendary debut album ‘Soli Deo Gloria’ on Tatra (the album

was distributed by Audioglobe & Hyperium outside Norway) and until today, songs such as ‘Bit*h’,

‘Spiritual Reality’ or ‘Burning Heretics’ are being played in all alternative clubs around the

Planet and have become timeless classics of the Genre.

18 years later, Apoptygma Berzerk and Black Rain release this masterpiece as beautiful double


Unlike the recent double-LP release of ‘Soli Deo Gloria’ on Hammerheart, this special edition

contains – besides the regular Album tracks – also a lot of bonus-material:

‘Seven Signs’ (from the MCD ‘Bitch’) and ‘Lidelsens Mening’ (from the CD ‘Apocalyptic Manifesto’)

as well as 6 ultra-rare live recordings from a show in Lund/Sweden, recorded on 17.12.1994, and

that are being released in this form for the first time ever!

The double Picture-Disc furthermore comes in a special deluxe cardboard ‘Collector’s Box’ (with a

collector’s certificate inside), that also offers space for the (sold out) previous Picture-LP of ‘7’ and

future Apoptygma Berzerk Picture-LP releases… The Box is limited and numbered to strictly 500!

Tracks Side A:

01 Love Blood From the Beloved (Part 1) (1:31)

02 Bit*h (4:24)

03 Burning Heretic (Album Version) (5:33)

04 Stich (3:06)

05 Walk with me (1:40)

06 Backdraft (4:20)


Side B:

07 ARP (808 Edit) 2:08

08 Spiritual Reality (4:38)

09 Skyscraping (Schizohreniac) (7:13)

10 All Tomorrows Parties (5:05)

11 The Sentinel (1:12)


Side C:

12 Ashes to Ashes `93 (4:18)

13 Loke Blood From the Beloved (Part 2) (1:53)

14 Seven Signs (4:24)

15 Lidelsens Mening (4:41)

16 Burning Heretic (Live in Lund 17.12.94) (5:33)


Side D:

17 Bit*h (Live in Lund 17.12.94) (4:13)

18 Borrowed Times (Live in Lund 17.12.94) (4:03)

19 Deep Red (Live in Lund 17.12.94) (4:03)

20 Ashes to Ashes (Live in Lund 17.12.94) (4:18)

21 Electronic Warfare (Live in Lund 17.12.94) (5:34)


[LIB.1 LP + Body of Light/The Eclipse 7” & "Nunhood" T-Shirt Vinyl Box Limited Edition]
out 27-6 - R$ 300,00

Incredibly beautiful, super limited
(200 copies only!) deluxe-BOX SET, including:

• classy black or crimson 12" vinyl

• classy black or crimson 7" vinyl

• with elaborate (silver-engraved) etching

• Bandlogo "Nunhood" T-Shirt (100% cotton)

• lyrics sheet on specially thick paper

exclusive 7" extended mix of "The Eclipse"

• strictly limited to 200 copies

Vinyl Colours: Crimson and black

Watch the presentation on Youtube:

NARSILION - Elenna Nórë [limited] BOX

ars musica diffundere out 17-6 R$ 160,00


(AMD023box/EAN 8016670188247)

Numbered box / CD / 8 page digifile / 12 page booklet / exclusive T-Shirt (S,M,L,XL,XXL) / patch / button

Exclusive deluxe box-set to the new NARSILION album "Elenna Nórë". Limited and numbered to strictly 111 copies.

Includes exclusive Shirt, patch, button… Please state T-SHIRT SIZE when ordering!!!

NARSILION - Elenna Nórë

ars musica diffundere out 17-6 R$ 60,00


(AMD023/EAN 4025858036694)

After a long silence NARSILION return from a maze of dreams to present the fourth album “Elenna Nórë”. Sathorys Elenorth and Lady Nott

invited some top-class guest musicians like Ia Bjärgö (Arcana), Gerhard Halltatt (Allerseelen), Pilar Molina (Aura Noctis), Fiar (Foscor) and

many more. “Elenna Nórë” introduces a new dimension in the band’s lifeblood infused with Japanese sonorities with it's tradicional instruments

like Taikos, Kotos, Shakuhashi flutes mixed with heavenly voices and symphonic orchestrations creating a new Dimension beyond the ancient

realm of eternity... Ride with Samurais to fight under the rising Sun's legends in a new era of dreams, light and fantasy where only you can feel

the magic again... First edition in an exclusive 8-pages Digifile. Limited and numbered to 888 copies!


CAPÍTOL PRIMER - La terra en direcció a les estrelles: 01 En les portes de l’eternitat 02 Amaurëa 03 The quest of legacy 04 Tardor 05 Senshi

CAPÍTOL SEGON - En retornar al passat: 06 Pedraforca, “en terra de bruixes” 07 El regreso del Samurai 08 Winter Elven dream

09 La memòria del vent 10 A new beginning from the land of dreams 11 Zazen

PROJECT PITCHFORK – Quantum Mechanics
[limited] BK2CD

(limited Hardcover–Paperback Book + 2CD)


out 22-8 R$ 130,00

(TRI438/EAN 4260063944383)

After their wild ride through the continuum, PROJECT PITCHFORK dedicate themselves to quantum mechanics – and casually discover time travel on the way!

As was the case in 2010 with the surprising Dark Electro smasher "Continuum Ride", PROJECT PITCHFORK again started the engines in utter secrecy to

continue their unparalleled history of success with "Quantum Mechanics".

While the opulent retrospective "First Anthology" was more than a huge treat already, the Dark Electro titans take the festivities surrounding their 20th anniversary

one step further and present an album that is nothing less than a quantum leap vehemently stirring the space-time continuum. As if the extensive work for the

recently released compilation caused a chain reaction of hitherto unknown proportions, PROJECT PITCHFORK enter an era of unparalleled creativity and deliver

a massive Dark Electro meltdown as versatile as seldom before – an unbeatable time travel through past, present and future of dark electronics that will instant-

aneously rise to the top of PROJECT PITCHFORK’s aureate album cosmos.

Barely one year after "Continuum Ride", PROJECT PITCHFORK prove that a band can reinvent itself even after two decades and that artistic evolution is not a

thing restricted to newcomers. Quite the opposite: Under the electronic shell, the partly mechanically sterile, partly fantastically ambivalent album shows both

the impressive muscles of long-running experience and a knack for big emotions. With the perfect balance between the endless infinity of space and the warmth

of humanity, it will reconcile followers of the early PROJECT PITCHFORK cult albums with their contemporary sound universe more than even before.

Radical, edgy and aggressive as in "Radical Business", melancholic and dark as in the title track or iconic and masterly as in "Freeze in Silence" that should

be passed as the new basic law of Dark Electro: "Quantum Mechanics" stays true to its title and proves to be a darkly electronic transit into a new era. Superior,

visionary and deeply fascinating – PROJECT PITCHFORK get better every year!

The Limited 2CD Deluxe Special Edition comes as follows:

  • Double-CD in book format (appr. 14 x 21 cm)
  • Two exclusive tracks: "Tempest" und "Insomnia"
  • Three exclusive remixes of "Freeze In Silence", "Run For Cover" and "Lament"
  • One exclusive instrumental version of "Quantum Mechanics"
  • Book in hardcover-paperback-cover with elaborate "Singer" thread stitching
  • 40-pages extra-booklet, precious artprint on high-quality paper
  • Including all lyrics and additional artwork
  • Strictly limited to 2,000 copies


Tracks CD1:

Same as ‘Standard Edition’ below

Tracks CD2:

01 Tempest 02 Insomnia 03 Freeze in Silence (Ice Version) 04 Run for Cover (Antimatter RMX) 05 Lament (Death RMX) 06 Quantum Mechanics (Instrum.)

PROJECT PITCHFORK – Quantum Mechanics digiCD

out 22-8 R$ 60,00


(TRI437/EAN 4260063944376)

Standard Edition in 6-panel Digipak!


01 Freeze in Silence 02 Lament 03 Run for Cover 04 Radical Business 05 Mute Spectators 06 Quantum Mechanics 07 The Queen of Time and Space

08 Splice 09 We will descend 10 You rest in My Heart

PROJECT PITCHFORK – Quantum Mechanics [Collector’s Set] BK2CD+TS

out 22-8 R$ 180,00

This item can be bought by pre-order ONLY until July, 25th 2011!


(TRI438SET/EAN 8 8016670170648)

For the die-hard fans!

The new limited 2CD plus a wonderful t-shirt of the leading Dark Electro band.

FRONT: Slogan "Life Can Be Hell When There Is No Choice" and PROJECT PITCHFORK fork and "Quantum Mechanics" logo


PRINT: 4/1c on black t-shirt

T-SHIRT: 100% cotton



The all new album – released in 4 different formats on August 26!


The wait for DIARY OF DREAMS’ all new album is finally over! Gladly we can now announce the final release date of “Ego:X” and first details

on one of the most eagerly awaited release this year! Not all details are 100% known on the BOX- and Vinyl-editions, but what is confirmed

are the formats and prices: Ego:X will be available as CD Version in three different editions as well as a double-vinyl edition.

The German gothic/darkwave group began in the late '80s as the side-project of singer/songwriter Aidan Hates, who at the time was a member

of the similarly-minded band GARDEN OF DELIGHT. Hates collaborated with guitarist Alistair Kane on Diary Of Dream’s first album, 1994's

‘Cholymelan’. Two years later, the duo returned with ‘End Of Flowers’, which was the first album to be released on Hates' own Accession label.

1997 saw the release of Bird Without Wings and increasing popularity for the group; by 1998 they had released another album ‘Psychoma?’ and

added two band members, Olaf Schaning and Christian Berghoff. A best-of collection, ‘Moments Of Bloom’, arrived the following year and became

Diary Of Dream's first domestically released album in the US; ‘One of 18 Angels’ followed in early 2000 and a number of other, highly successful

Albums since. In 17 years of existance, Diary of Dreams’ popularity has been raising album by album and the best selling albums in the bands

discography are such classics as ‘Nigredo’, ‘Freak Perfume’, ‘Nekrolog 43’…

Ego:X [Super-Deluxe] BOX R$ 180,00

(95388-2/EAN 4047179538824)

The Super Deluxe limited edition BOX-SET comes in a 7”-sized Package and should include (to be confirmed):

- an oversized 60 pages booklet

- the double-CD version of Ego:X

- an exclusive 7” Vinyl.

Ego:X [Limited] 2LP R$ 100,00

(95399-1/EAN 4047179539913)

Ego:X [Limited] digi2CD R$ 75,00

(95950-2/EAN 4047179595025)

Limited edition in digipak, including 17 Tracks (of which 3 not included on the ‘regular’ album) on CD1 and a

special 4-tracks bonus-MCD with additional EXCLUSIVE material:

Tracks CD ‘X1’:

01 Into X (2:52)

02 Undividable (3:53)

03 Lebenslang (4:47)

04 Element 1: Zeitgeist (2:13)

05 Grey the blue (5:56)

06 Immerdar (4:51)

07 Element 2: Illusion (2:55)

08 Push me feat. Amelia Brightman (4:33)

09 Element 3: Stagnation (2:49)

10 Echo in me (X-Version) (3:55)

11 Element 4: Angst (3:25)

12 Mein-Eid (5:39)

13 Splinter (4:38)

14 Element 5: Resignation (2:06)

15 Fateful Decoy (6:37)

16 Weh:Mut (5:03)

17 Out of X (3:10)

Total Playing Time: 69.13 mins.

Tracks CD ‘X2’:

01 The Return (4:53)

02 Push me (X-Version) (4:32)

03 Undividable (E-Mix) (4:30)

04 Undividable (Alternative-Mix) (3:53)

Total Playing Time: 17.47 mins.

Ego:X [Regular] CD R$ 60,00

(95399-2/EAN 4047179539920)

The regular album features 14 Tracks:

01 Into X (2:52)

02 Undividable (3:53)

03 Lebenslang (4:47)

04 Grey the blue (5:56)

05 Element 1: Zeitgeist (2:13)

06 Immerdar (4:51)

07 Push me! - feat. Amelia Brightman (4:33)

08 Echo in me (X-Version) (3:55)

09 Splinter (4:38)

10 Element 5: Resignation (2:06)

11 Mein-Eid (5:39)

12 Fateful Decoy (6:37)

13 Weh:Mut (5:03)

14 Out of X (3:10)

IKON - In the Shadow of The Angel [Limited] 3CD+DVD-set

out 15-6 R$ 150,00


(NIL022/EAN 793573291899)


In addition to the already pre-announced 2CD re-editions on Echozone, IKON also release extremely limited special editions 3CD+DVD-sets

on their own Nile Records label in Australia. CD1 and CD2 are identic to the European Echozone versions (see our special mail, dated April 22).

The third disc contains demos recorded between early 1994 and mid 1994, with quite a number of previously unreleased songs.

Disc 4 finally is a DVD containing the first ever released footage from the Michael Carrodus era of the band. Michael Carrodus was IKON’s

singer from 1992 - 1997. After that he founded the band Chiron under his new name Michael Aliani. DVD in NTSC, All Regions.

Tracks CD1 + CD2 identic to Echozone version

Tracks CD3 ‘Demos’:

01 Black Roses (demo)
02 Out of Time (instrumental demo)
03 Waking Hour (demo)
04 Distant Memory (instrumental demo)
05 Condemnation (demo)
06 When the Wind blows (demo)
07 Truth (demo)
08 Love is colder than Death (instrumental sketch)
09 Trials of Remembrance (demo)
10 Exit (instrumental demo)
11 Lord of Darkness (demo) | Forsaken (demo)
12 Hallowed Ground (demo)
13 From the other Side (demo)
14 Fall Apart (demo)
15 Lyric (demo)

Tracks DVD ‘Live in Melbourne 1994’:
01 Echoes of Silence
02 I've Been
03 So far Away
04 Distant Memory
05 Is this My Destiny?
06 Interview
07 Exit
08 Black Roses
09 Reality is lost
10 Love is colder than Death
11 Towards Tomorrow
12 Lord of Darkness
13 Dreaming
14 Condemnation

IKON - Flowers for the Gathering [Limited] 3CD+DVD-set

out 15-6 R$ 150,00


(NIL017/EAN 793573291905)


Also the 4-disc set for the follow up album to "In the Shadow of the Angel", the 1996 album "Flowers for the Gathering", comes with a third CD, featuring

demos and a live-DVD with a concert from 1996 as well as a rehearsal. DVD in NTSC, All Regions.

Tracks CD1 + CD2 identic to Echozone version

Tracks CD3 ‘Demos + Rehearsals’:

01 Betrayal (rehearsal 1994)
02 Your Obsession (rehearsal 1994)
03 On a Mission (rehearsal 1994)
04 Turn to You (rehearsal 1994)
05 Eternal Sadness (instrumental demo 1995)
06 In Search Of (demo 1995)
07 From a Distance (demo 1995)
08 Inbetween (early demo 1995)
09 Christmas on Easter Island (demo 1995)
10 No Heaven or Hell (demo 1995)
11 Sea of Tranquility (demo 1995)
12 Call of Despair (demo 1995)
13 Stranger I've Become (demo 1995)
14 For Eternity (demo 1995)

Tracks DVD ‘Live in Melbourne 1996’:

01 Soundcheck
02 Condemnation
03 Towards Tomorrow
04 Black Roses
05 Into your Madness
06 Reality is lost
07 Somewhere else
08 Love is colder than Death
09 Life without End
10 Echoes of Silence
11 For Eternity
12 Rehearsal, Troy Studios, Melbourne, 1995
13 Photo shoot, Hanging Rock/Australia

IKON - In the Shadow of the Angel

+ Other side of the Angel [limited] LP+CD-set
out 15-6 E R$ 120,00


(itsotaLP1/EAN 829707942211)

Available for the first time ever on vinyl, IKON's 1994 debut LP is totally remastered and limited to one pressing only of 500 copies. Available on
blue, red and yellow vinyl. LP is released by Pylon Records USA. The interesting part about this release is the fact, that the bonus-CD is

completely different to both the 2CD and 4 discs-editions and contains rare material and mixes, unavailable anywhere else!

When ordering, choose the colours BLUE, RED or YELLOW or we will send whatever we decide.

Vinyl tracks:

01 Condemnation 02 Lord of Darkness 03 Secrets within 04 Fall apart 05 Hallowed ground 06 Black Roses 07 I've been 08 Distant Memory
09 Truth 10 Suicide 11 Love is colder than Death 12 In the Shadow of the Angel

Bonus CD ‘Other Side of the Angel’:
01 Black Roses (1995 remix)
02 Fall Apart (1996 remix)
03 Truth (acoustic)
04 Betrayal (opus mix)
05 Towards Tomorrow (dub)
06 In a lonely place (full version)
07 Under the watchful eye (version II)
08 Condemnation (remix)
09 The final experience (NDE mix)
10 In the Shadow of the Alien

SOL INVICTUS – Re-release campaign on Auerbach

Most of you heard about the massive, strictly limited SOL INVICTUS boxset featuring the new album as well as re-releases of all

official albums. While this box was exclusive to the ProMedia mailorder, Auerbach is starting now to re-release all album from next

month on. Further albums will follow the first Friday of every month making all re-releases available outside of the boxset until March 2012.

Please note that all Digipaks are limited to 700 copies only!

SOL INVICTUS – Against the modern World [+bonus] digiCD

out 4-7 R$ 65,00


(AB033/EAN 884388303324)
Digipak, limited to strictly 700 copies, with new artwork, liner notes and 9 bonus tracks!

‘Against the Modern World’ was the first ever Sol Invictus release, dating back to the year 1988 and originally out on the

Belgian L.A.Y.L.A.H. Antirecords-Label on Vinyl only. It was a 8-tracks mini-album and featured the 3 original Sol Invictus

members Gareth Smith, Ian Read and Tony Wakeford.

This re-release comes with not less than 9 bonus-tracks, of which 8 are early demos of taken from some of the most

classic SOL INVICTUS tracks.

Tracks ‘Against the Modern World’:

01 Angels Fall 02 Raven Chorus 03 Against the modern World 04 Long live Death 05 A Ship is burning 06 Untitled
07 Summer ends 08 Wolf-Age, Axe-Age

Bonus: 09 The Joy of the World

Early demos: 10 Looking for Europe 11 Amongst the Ruins 12 Black Easter 13 Untitled [II] 14 Heroes Day

15 Hammer or the Anvil 16 Abattoirs of Love 17 See the Dove fall

SOL INVICTUS – In the Rain [+bonus] digiCD

out 4-7 R$ 65,00


(AB043/EAN 884388304321)
Digipak, limited to strictly 700 copies, with new artwork, liner notes and 2 bonus tracks!

Originally released in 1995 on the TURSA label, ‘In the Rain’ featured Tony Wakeford, Karl Blake, David Mellor and

loads of guests such as Eric Roger (Gae Bolg/Seven Pines - Trumpet), Sarah Bradshaw (Cello), Nick Hall (Drums)…

This re-release features the

Tracks ‘In the Rain’:

01 Europa in the Rain I 02 Stay 03 Believe Me 04 Down the Years 05 In the Rain 06 Fall like Rain 07 Oh what Fun
08 An English Garden 09 The World shrugged 10 In Days to come 11 Europa in the Rain II

Bonus: 12 Hedda Gabbler 13 Did You See

SOL INVICTUS - The Cruellest Month digiCD R$ 60,00

To Tony Wakeford and Sol Invictus, June 2011 surely is no t the cruellest month. For today, the Neofolk stalwarts not only release "The Cruellest Month,"

their long-awaited 17th studio album, also the press is euphoric about the return of Sol Invictus and their latest achievement:

SUICIDE COMMANDO – The Suicide Sessions [limited] 6CDBOX

out 15-7 R$ 140,00


(OUT491-492-493-494-495-496/EAN 4260158834919)

Limited edition of strictly 2000 copies!

Not many Electro-bands can look back upon a quarter of a century of existence and numerous timeless club anthems and still be going strong as hell!

Suicide Commando are not only celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, they are also one of the rare acts that can rightfully claim pioneering an

entire genre! In the light of this special birthday, the “godfathers of Harsh Electro” are releasing a special 6-CD-box set titled “The Suicide Sessions.” It

contains the band’s classic first three studio albums, “Critical Stage”, “Stored Images” and “Contruct-Deconstruct”, all of them receiving a shining sonic

overhaul via a bone-shaking remaster from the original master tapes, plus new artwork. “The Suicide Sessions” also sports three companion CDs full of

B-sides, as well as rare and previously unreleased material from these early years. Join the group on this insightful trip into the past, rediscover classic

anthems like “See You In Hell”, “Save Me” or “Better Off Dead” and delve into heaps of undiscovered or lost gems. A must-have for fans and the perfect

celebration of the anniversary of one of the most influential groups in harder electronic music!



01 critical stage 02 sheer horror 03 H.I.V.+ 04 traumatize 05 so many questions 06 time 07 fate 08 necrophilia 09 revenge 10 where do we go from here?

11 under God’s eye 12 the dreamhouse (mental version)


01 take my god away 02 never get out 03 the ultimate machine 04 save me (original) 05 sweet jesus 06 industrial underground 07 waiting for the gnomes

08 autopsy (vivisection I) 09 a nos morts (aan onze dooden) 10 commando 11 he cut his own head


01 murder 02 the exit 03 save me (remix) 04 the human disgrace 05 intercourse (reloaded II) 06 dying inside 07 mortal combat (final act I)

08 the end of your life 09 actions of the mind 10 T.V.-obsession 11 see you in hell !


01 fall away 02 see you in hell (part 1 & 2 - extended) 03 head down 04 delusion 05 the face of god 06 traumatize (club) 07 see you in hell (remake by Monolith)

08 burn baby burn 09 last decision 10 murder (extended) 11 see you in hell (live in Bielefeld)

01 acid bath 02 better off dead 03 putrefaction process 04 desire 05 somnambulist 06 come to me (v2.0) 07 the mirror (reMASTERed) 08 pesticide

09 massacre 10 ignorance 11 euthanasia


01 decoder (instrumental version) 02 better off dead (remixed by Dive) 03 desire (sc dna swab - remixed by :wumpscut:) 04 violator

05 massacre (exterminate - remixed by Plastic Noise Experience) 06 better off dead (remixed by Pierrepoint) 07 final suicide 08 last breath

09 state of emergency 10 desire for dead bodies (slow) 11 narcotica

SOL INVICTUS – Lex Talionis
[+bonus] digiCD

out 5-8 R$ 60,00

(AB035/EAN 884388303522)
Digipak, limited to strictly 700 copies, with new artwork, liner notes and 4 bonus tracks!

Originally released in 1993, ‘Lex Talionis’ is quite an unusual album for SOL INVICTUS as half of the album sounds almost

‘industrial’ with a heavy wall of electronic distortion, "Black Easter" has got a haunting violin on top of a mass of noise and

samples, just like "Abbatoirs of Love" and "Kneel to the Cross". For sure one of the more ‘experimental’ albums for Sol

Invictus but nevertheless one of the most popular ones.


01 Blood and Wine 02 Lex Talionis 03 Black Easter 04 Kneel to the Cross 05 The Ruins 06 Tooth and Claw
07 Blood against Gold 08 Fields 09 Abattoirs of Love 10 Heroes Day 11 Rex Talionis 12 Wine and Blood
Bonus: 13 Reynardine & Abattoirs of Love (LP Version) 14 The Hammer or the Anvil (from original DAT)
15 Fields (originally released on the Yangki Vinyl) 16 Abattoirs of Love (edit) (originally released on VA - Sacred War)

SOL INVICTUS – In a Garden Green + Live CD digi2CD

out 5-8 R$ 75,00

(AB047/EAN 884388304727)
Digipak, limited to strictly 700 copies, with new artwork, liner notes and a full length Bonus Live-Album!

Originally released in 1999 on Tursa, ‘In a Garden Green’ sports a more ‘traditional’ sound of Sol Invictus and is a little

Folk-Noir gem! Wakefords lyrics still centers around the regrettable erosion of European Culture and way of living by

way of American Panzer-materialism, and these mournfull lyrics are backed up by exquisite, minimalistic neo-folk.

The album features – apart of Tony Wakeford, Matt Howden and Karl Blake - a number of guest musicians, such as

Sally Doherty (Flute, Vocals), Jane Howden (Backing Vocals), Eric Roger of Gae Bolg (Trumpet, Recorder, Vocals)…

Tracks CD1:
01 Europa 02 Come the Morning 03 O Rubor Sanguinis 04 Song of the Flower 05 Ave Maria 06 In a Garden Green
07 The Praties Song 08 No One 09 Europa Calling

Tracks CD2 ‘Sol Invictus live in Villeurbanne 01.07.1999 (bootlegged recordings)’:
01 O Rubor Sanguinis 02 Come the Morning 03 In my Garden 04 In a Garden Green 05 Remember&Forget / Amongst the Ruins
06 Media 07 The Fool 08 Sheath and Knife 09 Fields 10 Believe me 11 See how we fall / Laws and Crowns
12 A Ship is Burning / Against the Modern World 13 In Europa 14 Death of the West

MANUFACTURA – The Pleasures of the Damned CD

out 28-6 R$ 60,00


(RBL031/EAN 4250137221458)

The Pleasures of the Damned is a collection of some of the best work Manufactura has released over the last 10 years. What makes this particular

collection even more special is the fact that the tracks featured were exclusively selected by none other then the fans, listeners and followers of

Manufactura's music, specifically for the fans and other listeners throughout the world. Spanning from classic club hits such as "Killing You" and "Se*

and Suicide", to the darker soundscapes of "Cut by loving Hands" and "Die for Me", to the most recent hits "Defile the Chastity of your Flesh" and

"The Who*e's Lullaby". Brought together, these tracks tell a sordid tale of madness, violence, love, hate, se* and the insanity of it all. Known to mix

various different styles together, Manufactura once again presents us with a release well fitting of their varied styles which also includes 2 brand new

and unreleased tracks titled "Vanishing in the Night" and "The Saint of Violence". Whether you're a long time avid listener or simply just discovering

Manufactura this collection will definitely leave it's mark on you. PLAY LOUD!

The gripping Powernoise/Industrial/EBM/experimental/electronic/IDM/etc. project from the mind of Karloz M, one of the most controversial figures in

the modern rhythmic noise scene. If parts of his reputation can be disputed, however, his talent cannot. For going on more than 10 years now,

Manufactura has been behind some of the most creative, genre-pushing explorations of power noise, ranging from the straightforward club-killers, to

gritty and atmospheric moods, to lyrically-driven EBM crossovers.


01 Killing You 02 Deep Waters (Ophelia's Descent Mix) 03 Forever Darkness 04 Cut By Loving Hands 05 Defile the Chastity of your Flesh

06 Vanishing in the Night (unreleased) 07 Open for Pleasure 08 Muerto de Miedo (Absolute Condemnation Mix) 09 The divine Discontent

10 The Who*e's Lullaby 11 Se* and Suicide (Leaving Scars) 12 Die for Me 13 The Saint Of Violence (unreleased)

MANUFACTURA – The Pleasures of the Damned [limited] BOX

out 28-6 R$ 75,00


(RBL031BOX/EAN 4250137221465)

The Limited Box Set Edition to Manufactura's The Pleasures Of The Damned release is a also a very special collection on it's own. Bringing together

remixes from some of the very best Powernoise artists in North America and Europe as well as varied extremely talented artits. Featuring killer cuts

from the always powerful TERRORFAKT, XOTOX and CONVERTER, to the brilliant minds of ARCHITECT and LEXINCRYPT to the forward thinking

talents of C/A/T, DETUNE-X, NOORGLO, SANDBLASTING these remixes will have you shaking your head and body to no end.

Also included in the box set are 3 new unreleased tracks from Manufactura, as well as a Postcard, Sticker and a Razorblade. Created for all the fans

who have been asking for such a release for several years, the wait is now over. Limited to 299 copies only!!!

Tracks CD1:

Identic to regular editiion

Tracks CD2:

01 Love Can Be Murder (2011 unreleased)

02 Asolas En La Oscuridad (2011 Remix/Re-Edit by Architect)

03 Die The Death (2011 unreleased)

04 Addict (2011 unreleased)

05 Love Can Be Murder (Lexincrypt Remix)

06 The Drowning Possession (Xotox Remix)

07 Addict (C/A/T Remix)

08 All Things Must Die (Noorglo Remix)

09 Die For Me (Converter Remix/Re-edit)

10 Love Can Be Murder (Terrorfakt Remix)

11 Addict (Addicted Inner Soul Remix by Sandblasting)

12 Love Can Be Murder (Detune-X Remix)

MANUFACTURA – The Pleasures of the Damned [limited] SET

out 18-7 R$ 180,00


(RBL031SET/EAN 8016670171140)

ULTRA LIMITED (50 copies only!)

The hand-numbered Box contains:

- The Limited 2CD-BOX of the album

- Exclusive 3-Tracks CDS

- Official T-Shirt for the album

- Postcard

- Sticker

- Razorblade

Tracks CD3:

01 God of Pain

02 Face to Face

03 Deep Waters (H.I.V. Remix)

DEATH IN JUNE – Nada Plus!

Pylon Records is a quite young American label with a few interesting releases. In part celebration of the 30th Anniversary

of DEATH IN JUNE (1981-2011) one of the most classic albums "NADA!" is now reissued as a special limited edition

"NADA PLUS!" 2CD+DVD and Double LP.

All artwork for the CDs/LPS has been reinvented and all recordings DIJitally re-mastered.


For the two VERY limited editions (in foil bag packaging) we can’t say how many copies we will get –

ORDER FAST but however we will probably be forced to ‘‘divide’ them among all customers… Sorry!

DEATH IN JUNE – Nada Plus digi2CD+DVD

out 20-7 R$ 130,00


(BAD VC PLUS13/EAN 829707942327)

‘Regular’ version, limited to 1’250 copies in DIJipak. The 2CD+DVD contains all the songs from the original album plus nearly all of the other

material recorded between 1984-85, as well as songs from the 1993 "Dead Sunwheels" album of rarities, 1989 re-recordings, and four stripped

back unreleased re-recordings (2005).

The accompanying DVD (NTSC All regions) contains the 20th anniversary performance in 2005 of most of "NADA!" plus extra Death In June

material. All artwork has been reinvented and presented in a foil blocked, eight panel, full color DIJipak, and all recordings DIJitally re-mastered.

Tracks CD1 ‘Nada’:

01 The Honour of Silence 02 The Calling (Mk II) 03 Leper Lord 04 Rain of Despair 05 Foretold 06 Behind the Rose (Fields of Rape)

07 She said destroy 08 Carousel 09 C’est un Rêve 10 Crush My Love
CD2 ‘…Plus!’:

01 The Torture Garden 02 Last Farewell 03 Doubt to Nothing 04 Fields of Rape 05 C’est un Rêve 06 She said destroy 07 The Calling

08 Leper Lord* 09 Doubt to Nothing* 10 Fields of Rape* 11 He said Destroy* *=(unreleased version)

Tracks DVD: we did not get any tracklist – sorry!

DEATH IN JUNE – Nada Plus [foil bag] bag/digi2CD+DVD

out 20-7 R$ 145,00


(BAD VC PLUS13F/EAN 8016670171645)

Limited to 250 copies in special metalli Blue/Black metallic foil outer bag.

DEATH IN JUNE – Nada Plus [golden vinyl] 2LP

out 20-7 - R$ 135,00


BAD VC PLUS13LPG/EAN 829707942419)

The Double LP (limited to 1,000 copies) comes in a foil blocked gatefold sleeve in different coloured vinyl (250 Clear vinyl in a special silver

metallic outer bag and 750 Gold vinyl) and contains all the songs from the original album plus all other material officially recorded and

released between 1984-85. Each LP contains a special postcard. Golden Vinyl, limited to 750.


Side A: 01 The Honour of Silence 02 The Calling (Mk II) 03 Leper Lord 04 Rain of Despair 05 Foretold
Side B: 01 Behind the Rose (Fields of Rape) 02 She said destroy 03 Carousel 04 C’est un Rêve 05 Crush My Love
Side C: 01 Last Farewell 02 The Torture Garden 03 Doubt to Nothing 04 The Calling
Side D: 01 Born Again 02 Carousel(Bolt Mix)

DEATH IN JUNE – Nada Plus [clear vinyl] bag2LP

out 20-7 R$ 150,00


(BAD VC PLUS13LPC/EAN 8016670171744)

This double LP edition is issued on clear vinyl, in a foil blocked gatefold sleeve with a special postcard, and is limited to 250 copies sealed in

an external foil bag. It contains all the songs from the original album plus all other material officially recorded and released between 1984-85.

All artwork has been reinvented and all recordings DIJitally re-mastered. Clear Vinyl, limited to 250.

DEATH IN JUNE – DISCriminate digi2CD

out 27-6 - R$ 75,00


(nerus41/EAN 75390723526)

Double CD in foil-blocked slipcase with 12pages booklet!

Considered by many as the best “beginner's guide to Death In June”, this 2CD collection of 33 songs from 1981-1997 has been compiled

personally by Douglas P. in 1997. Deleted for ages, it is now being reissued with a fresh look and expanded 12 pages full colour booklet

containing rare photos from the period. Several versions of the songs are exclusive to this compilation and most of the tracks are from now

deleted or hard to find albums and singles. The 2CDs come in a Lime Green foil-blocked slipcase.

Tracks ‘TOTENKOPF 6’ CD:

01 Fields of Rape–1985 02 Hail! The white Grain–1987 03 Rose Clouds of Holocaust–1995 04 Till the living Flesh is burned–1982

05 Break the black Ice-1986 06 Torture by Roses-1986 07 To drown a Rose-1986 08 Luther's Army-1995 09 Little black Angel-1992

10 But, what ends when the Symbols shatter?-1992 11 Heilige Leben-1989 12 Cathedral of Tears-1993 13 Leopard Flowers-1996

14 The Guilty have no Pride-1982 15 Accidental Protege-1995

Tracks ‘WHIPHAND 6’ CD:

01 Hullo Angel-1989 02 Heaven Street-1981 03 She said destroy-1984 04 Fall apart-1989 05 Leper Lord-1985 06 C'est un Reve-1985

07 Touch Defiles-1987 08 Come before Christ and murder Love-1986 09 Rocking Horse Night-1986 10 Hollows of Devotion-1992

11 Golden Wedding of Sorrow-1992 12 Black Radio-1984 13 Runes and Men-1987 14 Giddy Giddy Carousel-1989

15 13 Years of Carrion-1995 16 Crush My Soul-1985 17 Honour of Silence-1985


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