25 de março de 2011


Olá Pessoal,

Seguem abaixo alguns lançamentos 2011.
Caso queira encomendar algum item, mande-nos um e-mail.
IMPORTANTE: Alguns itens estão em pré-order e ainda serão lançados futuramente.
Alex Twin

SOPOR AETERNUS – Have you seen this Ghost? ltdCD+DVD Box

Lançamento: 29-4 R$ 200,00
Edição Collector Box com camiseta: ESGOTADA NA PRÉ-ORDER!


(AV024-BOX/EAN 8016670208044)

Limited Digibook CD+DVD Edition:

  • CD and DVD in book format (approx. 250 x 155 mm)
  • Hardcover book, bound in purple linen, black print and mounted with a solid SOPOR AETERNUS metal coin in "antique silver" look (approx. 50 mm diameter)
  • 128-pages, precious art-print on high-quality paper (170 grams) with elaborate “Singer” thread stitching
  • Contains all lyrics, exclusive photos, illustrations by Ingo Römling/Monozelle
  • Hand-numbered and signed by Anna-Varney Cantodea.
  • Packaged in a solid cardboard box, coated with special paper in linen look, embossed, picture print and black inside lamination
  • Strictly limited to 1,999 copies

Tracks CD:

01 I don't believe in GHOSTS 02 ONE DAY my PRINCE will come 03 Cornucopia d'Amour 04 It is safe to SLEEP alone

05 HELLO 06 At the STROKE of MIDNIGHT gently 07 STARLIGHT seen through VEILS of TEARS 08 POWDER

09 ANGEL of the GOLDEN FOUNTAIN 10 Where the ancient LAUREL grows 11 I FELL for ONE (who loved me not)

12 Holding out for a HERO 13 The HOURS of SADNESS

Track DVD:

01 It is safe to SLEEP alone


Stereo, PAL, 4:3, All Regions, running time: TBA

IN STRICT CONFIDENCE - Set me Free [limited] CD

Lançamento: 28-3 R$ 50,00

(minus042/EAN 4046661221923)

"Set Me Free", one of the most favourite tracks of fans and band, from the current album "La Parade Monstrueuse" is coming as an album-length

14-tracks EP! This outstanding song combines typical ISC-electronics with harsh guitar riffs and proofs once again the superior songwriting

of the band, performed by the band´s two voices Dennis Ostermann and Nina de Lianin.

The CD also includes the amazing videoclip for the song "Silver Bullets", 8:30 minutes extended version of the title-track, piano interpretation and

remixes of other album-tracks by famous artsits, such as Rhys Fulber, ASP, Samsas Traum and many others. Only available as limited edition CD!


01 Set Me Free (Extended Version)

02 My Despair (Monozelle Remix)

03 Set Me Free (Piano Version)

04 One Drop (DJ Francois vs. Kartagon Remix)

05 Set Me Free (Rhys Fulber Remix)

06 One Drop (Patenbrigade:Wolff Remix)

07 My Despair (Crashtv Remix)

08 Promised Land (MC1R Remix)

09 Set Me Free (ASP Remix)

10 My Despair (Parralox Remix)

11 Am Abgrund (Samsas Traum Remix)

12 My Despair (Mind:Shredder Remix)

13 Lazarus

14 Silver Bullets (Videoclip, CD-ROM)

WUMPSCUT - DJ Dwarf 11 [limited] CD

R$ 55,00


(etah102/EAN 8016670205845)

This year’s DJ DWARF is more expensive, but also much more limited. We only get 200 copies and seen

what we sold of the previous ones, we expect this to be sold out fast!

Special 12 Tracks ALBUM-LENGTH ‘DJ DWARF’, mostly used by WUMPSCUT for DJ promotion. The DJ

Dwarf CDs for years feature mostly exclusive material, not included on the Album/Box editions – the latest

installment also features two tracks WUMPSCUT remixed for other artists: MORTIIS and ST.ANTHONY.

Coming in Super Jewel Case.


01 Schrekk & Grauss (Album Mix)

02 Doppelganger (Wumpscut Remix For Mortiis)

03 Shoulder To The Wheel (Wumpscut Remix For St. Anthony)

04 Rudolf Wolzek (Album Mix)

05 Wolzek (Leaether Strip Remix)

06 Wolzek (Ken Silver Remix)

07 Zombibikini (Ken Silver Remix)

08 Jiddisch Is A Zwillink (Max Breit Remix)

09 Schrekk & Grauss (Cynical Front Remix)

10 Wolzek (Cynical Front Remix)

11 Zombibikini (AR Remix)

12 Boneshaker Baybee (Cynical Front Remix)

PRAGER HANDGRIFF - Arbeit, Sport & Spiel CD

Lançamento: 16.3 R$ 60,00

(ETD039/EAN 4020796431594)

The ‘Ruhrpott’ (Ruhr-Area) is Germany’s by far biggest conglomeration of industrial estates – a tumour-like accumulation of industrial

parks, smoking chimneys, noisy motorways, stinking rivers and cities such as Duisburg, Essen, Dortmund or Herne whose names

have become synominous in Germany with DIRTY, UGLY, NOISY, SHATTERED areas. In short: A region THAT f***ed up, that today

naïve tourists are visiting the ‘Ruhrpott’, to get a glimpse of an idea, of how East Germany must have looked like before the reunification....

People ‘living’ in the Ruhr are the real nucleus of the German ‘working class’, doing the most dirty jobs in companies such as Krupp,

Hoesch or Degussa or underground in the many coal mines of the area…

With ‘Arbeit, Sport & Spiel’ (Work, Sports and Games) PRAGER HANDGRIFF deliver a ‘tribute’ to this tough region in Germany – a

unique sort of ‘Ruhrpott’-Folk in the usual, well known EBM-style of this respected German act. ‘Arbeit, Sport & Spiel’ is PRAGER

HANDGRIFF’s first all new album since 2002’s ‘1000 Feuer’ and follows 21 years after their first tape release of 1990!


01 Elektrorepublik 02 Bis an das Ende der Welt 03 Vorwärts 04 Ich denke Dein 05 Der Aufschwung 06 Die dunkle Ewigkeit

07 Im Westen nichts Neues 08 Ich finde Dich 09 Arbeit, Sport & Spiel 10 Sieben Rosen 11 Defekt 12 Wanderratten

GRAUSAME TÖCHTER - Mein eigentliches Element CD

scanner Lançamento: 1.4 R$ 60,00

(scan091/EAN 4250137263533)
"GRAUSAME TÖCHTER" (Cruel Daughters) was founded in 2009 by Aranea Peel. With this project Aranea is realizing all her private

obsessions in an artistic way. Her childhood at the national Stuttgart ballet-academy, her youth at the Magdeburg regional theatre, her

passion for chansons of the 20s and her exuberant pronounced lesbian and sadomasochistic penchants combine her to an orgiastic

and fulminant performance at live concerts, the recording studio and in movies.
"Grausame Töchter" is individual and inimitable and captivates with its unique mixture of EBM, Industrial, Noize, Punk and classical

elements, always highly emotional and cold at the same time.
"Grausame Töchter" is a vicious cross-border trip into the abyss of your soul, into your dark desire and lust; a trip that abandons all

taboos and conventions.
Aranea Peel: "I hate pop music, I hate everything that isn't authentic! Not authentic means: Not artisitc! But artistic means: Emotion,

ecstasy, sex and consequence!"
Since the very beginning Aranea Peel produced at the Le Chatelet in Hamburg with her favourite mixer Gregor Hennig, who brought

harshness into the sound like no other and who is also on stage as one of the three drummers; this is only one reason that makes

"Grausame Töchter" live to an experience for both eyes and ears.

01 Untergang 02 Mephisto 03 Beleidigte Engel 04 Bis das Blut fliesst 05 Freundin
06 Wie eine Schlange 07 Liebestod 08 Drecksau 09 Mein Messer 10 Warum nur?

CENTHRON – Dominator CD
scanner Lançamento: 1.4 R$ 60,00

(scan092/EAN 4250137263540)
„We are Centhron, raise your fist!“
„Centhron = hammers directly into the brain! Concentrated EBM-Industrial-Power!“ quoted b
y e-lectric and Radio Dunkelschall.
Created in Winter 2001, it started as an electronic intimacy between Elmar Schmidt (Voice+Synth+Programming) and Jörg

Herrmann (Progamming) resulting in a first Demo (Melek Taus) in 2002, as Centhron did not want to arrive without a recorded

product at a concert, where they played as support act for FEINDFLUG…

After first two albums (Lichtsucher 2003 + Gottwerk 2006) on very underground-kind of labels, the project finally released ‘Roter

Stern’ on Scanner in 2009 – an album that was great success for Scanner and Centhron and the band has been invited by German

Shooting stars AGONOIZE for their big German Tour – a tour that helped the project to grow their fanbase bigger and bigger!

Since then the project played with Suicide Commando, Reaper, Psyclon Nine, Grendel, Soman and many more and Elmar Schmidt

worked hard in his studio to create - in a sort of magalomania way – the without a doubt most danceble Centhron album ever:

Fat sound (again mixed by Jan L.) and an aggressiveness that even in the harshest of all Electroscenes will fail to find comparisons,

DOMINATOR is bound to dominate the industrial/electro dancefloors from this spring!

01 Leitwolf 02 Kopfschuss 03 666 04 Gang Bang Dolly 05 Atomschlag 06 Cu*t 07 Die Stalinorgeln 08 So sterbe ich

09 Kind des Wehrmuts 10 Dominator 11 Höllenhunde 12 Faust 13 Slave


pro noize Lançamento:1-4 R$ 60,00

(PN054/EAN 4250137249070)
Right from the release of their first album on Pro Noize, it was clear, that CHAINREACTOR were not ready for any compromises! Hard,

darker than black and impellent – attributes that come to mind when listening to the debut ‘X-tinction’…

Therefore the road to success on the dark dancefloors was paved, although first live shows followed in 2010 only – including an impressive

show at the famous ‘Dark Dance Treffen’-Festival.

April 1st (and this is NOT a joke!) will finally see the release of their second album ‘Insomniac’, that features 12 brand new tracks and 4

Exclusive remixes by acts such as XOTOX or [X]-rX – Restless music for restless minds!


01 Genau hier! Genau jetzt! (Intro) 02 Störgeräusche 03 Der wahre Alptraum 04 Steigleitung trocken 05 Locked in 06 Pressure & Pain

07 The missing piece 08 Insomniac 09 Misanthrop 10 Dystopia 11 Control 12 Delusion 13 Dystopia (Vanquished by Incubite)

14 Pressure & Pain ([X]-Rx Remix) 15 Misanthrop (Isolated by Xotox) 16 Dystopia (Suicide Remix by [Organic Cage])

CLAN OF XYMOX – Darkest Hour digiCD

Lançamento: 20.5 R$ 60,00

(TRI419/EAN 4260063944192)

How would the classic Dark Wave from the eighties sound today? Which path would the cult acts of the legendary 4AD label take

with the possibilities of our modern world? As an answer to these questions, CLAN OF XYMOX deliver their foreboding 13th studio

album “Darkest Hour” – an enthralling journey through the past, present and future of gloomy Goth/Dark Wave sounds.

After CLAN OF XYMOX enthused the scene in the summer of 2009 with their quite Goth Rock oriented “In Love We Trust”, the return

of the Dark Wave pioneers has become surprisingly electronic. Without omitting the foggy guitars painting their characteristically

melancholic aura into the songs, the framework on “Darkest Hour” consists of an elaborate composition of enigmatic Electro sounds

and mesmerizing Dark Wave nostalgia – a combination effortlessly melting contemporary sound demands and the aura that made

the self-titled XYMOX debut an instant classic in 1985.

Ronny Moorings’ passion for huge, sensual melodies, mystical sound experiments and seductive dance rhythms is as unbroken as

it ever was. Melancholy, energy and determination rule “Darkest Hour”, a record whose tracks “My Reality” or the hypnotic club hit

“Delete” will work on any dancefloor, but that also delivers gripping entertainment and world-class Goth hymns with “Dream Of Fools”

or the breathtaking “Wake Up My Darling”. Crowned, as usual, with Ronny’s unmistakable vocals instilling the necessary dark

passion into his Dark Wave elegies.

An impressive 30 years have passed since the founding of CLAN OF XYMOX – a period being revisited on the new album and leading to

ten modern Dark Wave classics ready to be instantly introduced into the canon of gloomy music. To be released on Ronny Moorings’

birthday, “Darkest Hour” is music for the night, is music for life and for death, is music for eternity.


01 My Reality 02 Delete 03 My Chicane 04 Dream of Fools 05 Deep down I died 06 In Your Arms again

07 She did not answer 08 Tears ago 09 The Darkest Hour 10 Wake up My Darling

ATARAXIA - Os Cavaleiros do Templo [limited] CD+DVDBOX

R$ 190,00

ataraxia 1

(DAP12LTD/EAN 8016670209744)

Limited edition of 500 copies in A5 Digipack CD+DVD

including two A3 posters, Knights Templar Badge and

a kraft paper bag with handwritten number.

File Under: Medieval Folk/Neoclassic

"Os Cavaleiros do Templo" was a now legendary limited VIDEO+CD release on Simbiose Records in June 1998

(see the original announcement from our Newsletter 117 below…), that was sold out very fast 12+ years ago.

The Chinese Label DYING ART re-released this collector’s set last year, but the 500 copies ONLY that have

been manufactured were sold out purely on preorder.

This re-release, for the first time on DVD (+CD) comes in a luxurious collector’s packaging and all the audio AND

visual material has been fully re-stored and re-mastered for optimized sound- and video-quality!

Without a doubt another collector’s item for all Ataraxia fans and all followers of medieval/folk/neoclassic addicts.

Limited edition of 500 copies – Chinese Import – Originally sold out purely on pre-orders last year!

ataraxia 2

Tracks CD:

01 Intro

02 Almourol

03 Omne Datum Optimum

04 Le Ore Rosa Di Mazenderan

05 Filava Melis

06 Nossa Senhora Dos Anjos

07 Batalha

08 Aperlae

09 Lucrecia

10 Oduarpa

Tracks DVD:

01 Intro

02 Almourol

03 Omne Datum Optimum

04 Le Ore Rosa Di Mazenderan

05 Filava Melis

06 Nossa Senhora Dos Anjos

07 Batalha

08 Aperlae

09 Lucrecia

10 Oduarpa

11 Charola

12 Nossa Senhora Dos Anjos

BLUTENGEL – Seelenschmerz [10th Anniversary] limited digi2CD

Lançamento: 11-3 R$ 75,00
blutengel 10

(OUT064-476/EAN 4260158834766)

A legendary album is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The second Blutengel-album “Seelenschmerz” marked the band’s final breakthrough and

laid the foundation stone for an extraordinary career. For many fans, this album is among the most intense works that the Berlin-based group

has ever recorded and the ultra-catchy title track is still standard repertory of any Dark-Alternative-disco around the globe.

Right on time for the tenth anniversary, this classic album is re-released as a beautiful deluxe 2CD-edition which includes a remastered version

of the original album, as well as the ultra-rare 4-tracks EP “Bloody Pleasures”, the bonus CD from the long-deleted “Seelenschmerz”-box-set

and the rare compilation track “Fairyland.” A must-own for fans and a mandatory edition for any darkly tinged record collection.

Tracks CD1 'Seelenschmerz' (2001):

01 Welcome to the Suicide (Intro) 02 Seelenschmerz 03 I´m dying alone 04 Der Spiegel 05 Schmerz 1 - Liebe 06 Die with You 07 Run away

08 Soul of Ice 09 Schmerz 2 – Lust 10 Bloody Pleasures 11 Children of the Night 12 Schmerz 3 – Einsamkeit 13 Any Chance?

14 Road to Hell 15 Schmerz 4 – Tod 16 After Death (Outro)

CD2 'Bonus material':

01 Bloody Pleasures 02 Bloody Pleasures (Extended Mix) 03 Children of the Night (Edit) 04 Children of the Night (Inscape Mix)

05 Fairyland (male version) 06 Addicted 07 No one (lives forever) 08 My World 09 Fairyland

BLUTENGEL – Über den Horizont [limited] digiMCD

Lançamento: 15.Abril R$ 38,00

(OUT477/EAN 4260158834773)

As the second single off their immensely successful new album „Tränenherz“ (#12 in the German Media Control Album Charts!!!),

Blutengel have selected one of the most beautiful numbers of the entire record. “Über den Horizont” (Over the Horizon) embeds its enticingly

catchy melody in an opulent sound that mingles club-compatible Synth Pop with dark pomp to create a hit song that will leave you breathless.

The limited single will be released in a classy Digipak and will contain the title track in three versatile versions (…the amazingly intense piano version

revealing an altogether impressive new side of the track) plus two, new tracks, one of them a collaboration with WORT-TON, one of the most

promising new dark and lyrical Electro acts.


01 Über den Horizont 02 Über den Horizont (Dance Or Die Remix) 03 Where Will You Be? 04 Leere Räume (WORT - TON feat. Blutengel)

05 Über den Horizont (Piano Version)

Deine Lakaien - One Night EP digiMCD

R$ 40,00

deine 1

(5052498447923/EAN 5052498447923)

Just in time for the start of the tour on 11th February 2011, Deine Lakaien are going to release the new maxi single ONE NIGHT.

Apart of the main track ‘ONE NIGHT’ in two new versions, the new EP will include the German version BEI NACHT, plus the club hit

YOUNG 2010, a live version of AWAY taken from the last Acoustic Tour, the brand new song MANIC and additionally the videoclip


Tracks (tracklist tbc!):

01 One Night (single edit)

02 One Night (special version)

03 Bei Nacht

04 Young 2010

05 Away (Acoustic Live)

06 Manic

07 One Night (videoclip)

DEINE LAKAIEN – Special Indicator EP MCD

R$ 40,00

deine 2

(SCSP2010/EAN 9783940065919)

Available as exclusive enclosure to SONIC SEDUCER ‘2010 Compendium’ issue ONLY! This EP features the tracks:

01 In the Land of 02 Europe (New European Mix) 03 On Your Stage again (2nd Version) 04 Gone (Piano Mix)

Also included in the same SPECIAL issue of SONIC SEDUCER is a DVD with part 2 of the M’ERA LUNA 2010’-Festival

plus a collection of some of the best videoclips 2010, incl. Combichrist, Project Pitchfork, In Strict Confidence,

Apoptygma Berzerk, Krystal System, Leaetherstrip, Kant Kno, Das Präparat and Freakangel +

exclusive interviews with Deine Lakaien, Schandmaul and Apocalyptica and more!

AND ONE – Tanzomat CD

Lançamento: 4.março R$ 60,00
and one

(OUT469/EAN 4260158834698)

What else is there to say? With And One, you are getting what you came for. The new long player from Germany’s most successful

Synth Pop group features twelve instances of highly electrifying euphony, balancing the scales between massive beat madness and

the eternal quest for the holy Pop-grail. Gigantic tunes, big feelings and (..since “Pop” can lead to other associative interpretations, as

well) a more than healthy dose of rhythmic gymnastics in glorious Bodypop-sensurround… “Tanzomat” delivers it all! Long-time fans

of the band will appreciate the fact that the satire-tinged and versatile mix is very much going back to the roots of the early works of

And One, newcomers will have to acknowledge that there is no better genre piece on this planet at the moment and those people that

have always harboured a dislike for Naghavi and his band will yet again eat their hearts out for missing out on this masterpiece due to

a severe lack of musical taste…


01 Save the Hate

02 Shining Star

03 Only your Dreams

04 Dancing in the Factory

05 Angel Eyes

06 Seven

07 The Aim is in your Head

08 Electrocution

09 Sex Drive

10 Playing Dead

11 No Song for You

12 And I Love

AND ONE – Tanzomat [Limited Deluxe Edition] digi2CD

Lançamento: 4.março R$ 75,00
(OUT469-470/EAN 4260158834704)

Well… and those of you that love it longer can go for the deluxe edition in a super-double-Digipak with a tanz-o-matic bonus live album.

To make a long story short: BUY IT!


Formed in 1989 by German teenage clubbers Steve Naghavi & Chris Ruiz, And One went on to become one of the most proficient and

popular modern synth-pop/EBM bands in the world. 10 studio albums and multiple world tours later And One are still going strong

throughout diversity, criticism, lineup changes, and controversy…

Tracks Bonus Live-CD [only with the limited Deluxe edition):

01 Ego

02 Second Front

03 Love & Fingers

04 Men in Uniform

05 Sexkeit

06 My Warrior

07 Tanz der Arroganz

08 Klaus

09 Anguish

10 Over There

THE FROZEN AUTUMN – Rallentears [limited] 10”

Lançamento: 10.fev R$ 90,00

(TFA-01/EAN 8016670207641)

Coming in full colour sleeve, Quality Black Vinyl and including all Lyrics on the Inner Sleeve. Approx. running time: 20 mins.

After an artistic break of 5 years, Darkwave/Electro superstars THE FROZEN AUTUMN not only worked hard on their eagerly

expected, 5th Studio-album, (tentatively out in summer or early fall) but also founded their own ‘Calembour Records’ Label!

To launch the label with a Bang!, THE FROZEN AUTUMN decided to offer the most fanatic among their countless fans around

the world a really special treat in the shape of an ULTRA-Limited (STRICTLY 250 copies!!!) 10”, featuring 3 ALL NEW songs

plus a brand new and VERY different mix of their classic ‘Wait for Nothing’ (originally released on their official debut ‘Pale

Awakening’ in 1995), in this all new version featuring the vocals of Froxeanne!

I’m not exagerating when I say that “RALLENTEARS" turned out to be simply another milestone in pure "Frozen-Wave" style,

(as their music has often been defined by fans and press alike); This fantastic brand new EP features an engaging blend of

catchy tunes, electro-sound filigrees, exciting guitar lines, amazing male/female vocals and it's excusively available in this

strictly limited edition 10” Vinyl. ‘Rallentears’ is a play on words between ‘rallenty’ and tears: You get an idea what to expect!

BEWARE: This 10” is destined to be sold out VERY fast – make sure to ORDER IN TIME!

A true collector’s item!

Tracks Side ‘A’:

A1 Rallentears A2 So Brave

Tracks Side ‘B’:

B1 The Last Train B2 Wait for Nothing (Froxy Vox Version 2010)

PROJECT PITCHFORK – First Anthology digi2CD

Lançamento: 25.março R$ 60,00
pitch 1

(TRI215/EAN 4260063944154)

In the summer of 2010, PROJECT PITCHFORK put us through their infernally intense Dark Electro journey named “Continuum Ride”. It was nothing less than the temporary

climax of an unparalleled career that dates back to the year 1991 and boasts impressive cornerstones: Two decades of musical history, 13 studio albums, hundreds of gigs

and countless cover stories lie behind mastermind Peter Spilles and his comrades Dirk Scheuber and Jürgen Jansen. And still not even the faintest sign of fatigue, as the

groundbreaking quality of “Continuum Ride” or a fantastic rank 21 in the German Album Charts impressively prove.

In 2011, the full steaming PROJECT PITCHFORK machinery pauses for a moment to look back. Almost exactly 20 years ago, the first PROJECT PITCHFORK album “Dhyani”

was released, a seminal work of German Dark Electro and one of the genres’ early milestones. Adequate to this anniversary, PROJECT PITCHFORK release the lavishly

equipped best-of work “First Anthology” and invite to the most extensive and extraordinary journey through the first ten years of their history – from their very early steps to the

founding of their label Candyland Entertainment up until their time with the major company East West.

Two brimful CDs feature a total of 31 tracks from the first PROJECT PITCHFORK decade. But instead of simply sweeping the tracks together without giving them so much

as a glance, every single song has been remastered and adapted to today’s’ production possibilities – with a special attention on conserving the atmosphere and characteristic

sound inherent to the original versions. Consequently, “K.N.K.A.”, one of the first PROJECT PITCHFORK tracks ever, stands side by side with the ecstatic sound realms of the

new millennium present in titles like the immortal “Timekiller”. Besides laborious reworks of unforgettable classics like “Existence” or “Endzeit”, the best-of also features the

brandnew track “Burning” that has been exclusively written for this release, once more underlining the band's extraordinary status.

No question: PROJECT PITCHFORK wrote Dark Electro history. But only the impressive thickness of timeless songs and the extensive biography in the luxurious booklet make

clear how important this band really is for the Gothic/Electro scene. “First Anthology” is nothing less than a summarized Dark Electro history in 31 chapters, a musical journey

through the opus of a groundbreaking band whose songs have lost nothing of their impact.

As PROJECT PITCHFORK retrospective and history of a genre combined, “First Anthology” is an essential collection of influential songs. This is all you need to know about

Dark Electro. The ‘regular’ edition comes in 6-panel digipak and including a 28 pages booklet.

Tracks CD1:

01 Burning (Bonus Track) 02 Carrion (Remastered) 03 Existence (Restored) 04 The Island (Remastered) 05 Conjure (Remastered) 06 The Longing (Remastered)

07 Renascence (Restored) 08 Caught In The Abattoir (Remastered) 09 Pan (Remastered) 10 I Live Your Dream - Extended (Remastered) 11 Io (Remastered)

12 Alpha Omega - Extended (Remastered) 13 Lie On Grass (Remastered) 14 God Wrote (Remastered) 15 Entity (Remastered)

Tracks CD2:

01 The Gate (Restored) 02 Carnival (Remastered) 03 Ruins Of Ignorance (Remastered) 04 En Garde (Remastered) 05 Terra Incognita (Restored) 06 Human Crossing (Remastered)

07 Bodies (Remastered) 08 Timekiller (Restored) 09 Psychic Torture (Remastered) 10 Steelrose (Remastered) 11 Corps D'Amour (Remastered) 12 Souls (Remastered)

13 Endzeit (Restored) 14 K.N.K.A. (Remastered) 15 Song Of The Winds (Remastered) 16 Green World (Remastered)

PROJECT PITCHFORK – First Anthology [Limited] 2CD+BOOK-BOX

Lançamento: 25.março R$ 150,00

pitch box

(OUT414/EAN 4260063944147)

SPECIAL EDITION – Strictly limited to 2000 copies!

  • Double-CD in luxurious 8-panel digipak in special 7“(!)-format
  • 64-pages extra-booklet (appr. 184 x 184 mm), precious artprint on high-quality paper (170 grams) with elaborate “Singer” thread stitching
  • Booklet incl. an extensive biography (English and German) written by Björn Springorum (ORKUS) with numerous facts, stories and background information on PITCHFORK
  • Booklet incl. an extensive picture gallery from Peter Spilles' private archive with tons of unreleased photos from the past 20 years of PROJECT PITCHFORK
  • All printed matters with special semi-matt finish
  • Strictly limited to 2,000 copies
  • The Tracklisting of the CDs is identic to the regular edition!

PROJECT PITCHFORK – First Anthology [Collector’s Set] 2CD+BOOK-BOX+TS

Lançamento: 25.março R$ 200,00

pitch box   t-shirt

(TRI414set/EAN 8016670208549)

For the die-hard fa


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